2023 New England Lightning District Schedule

2023 Events Dates Location
*MBBC Spring regatta / NE District Champs June 3-4 Burlington, Vermont
*First Ever Duxbury Regattas June 18 Duxbury, MA
ACCs (Atlantic Coast Championships) July 21-23 Hampton Yacht Club, VA
*Helly Hansen / Marblehead Race Week July 28-30 Marblehead, MA
North American WJM Championships August 1-4 Metedeconk River, NJ
North American Championships August 5-11 Toms River
*Squam Lake / District WJM Champs August 19 Squam Lake, Holderness, NH
*Lake Massabesic September 16-17 Lk Massabesic, Auburn, NH
*Bow Lake Ed Hinds Memorial September 23 Bow Lake, Strafford, NH
*MBBC Leaf Peeper Sept 30 – Oct 1 MBBC, Burlington, VT
District Circuit Championship Season Awarded at Leaf Peeper
World Masters/South American Champs November 23-27 Cartagena, Colombia
World Championships Nov 27 – Dec 3 Cartagena, Colombia

* Is scored as part of the New England Light District Circuit Championship

2023 NE District WINTER meeting MINUTES



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Google Group: groups.google.com/g/new-england-district-lightning-class

Facebook: facebook.com/New-England-District-Lightning-Class

Instagram: instagram.com/ne_lightningclass

New England Lightning District Website: lightningclass-ne.org

ILCA Website: lightningclass.org

Secretary: Nathan Cunningham, Sail Squam #15121

Commodore: Bob Shapiro, Three Bean Salad #15617,
978-761-3289, finallybk@gmail.com


The New England Lightning District has active fleets sailing on:

  • Mallettts Bay, Vermont
  • Squam Lake, New Hampshire
  • Bow Lake, New Hampshire
  • Lake Massabesic, New Hampshire

For more information, please contact District Commodore Bob Shapiro at 978-761-3289 or email him at finallybk@gmail.com.


2022 New England District Schedule and Results


District Circuit Standings after Lake Massabesic (5 of 6 regattas completed)

  1. Bob Shapiro Bow Lake 73 points
  2. Nathan Cunningham Squam Lake 46
  3. Ted Hardenbergh 45
  4. Greg McGinnis Squam Lake 41
  5. Kevin/Claire Gallagher Sakonnet 39
  6. Rob Dresser Squam Lake 37
  7. Raoul Posmentier Squam Lake 36
  8. Calvin Lamosse Malletts Bay 30
  9. Raoul Posmentier Squam Lake 30
  10. Rob Donle Bow Lake 27
  11. Eli Matson 27
  12. Nate Hendrickson  Bow Lake 26

2022 MBBC Spring regatta

  1. Bill Fastiggi
  2. Calvin Lamosse
  3. Bob Shapiro

June 4-5

Burlington, Vermont

If you weren’t at Malletts Bay this weekend, you missed a great event with awesome sailing. Five races Saturday – last two were life jacket weather and featured 7 boats not finishing including capsizes, broken masts and broken halyards. Tremendous fun and some wild rides.
Three more races on Sunday in moderate winds with a fair amount of shifting. At the end, Bill Fastiggi, Suzy Coburn and Lauren Flaherty won going away with 3 firsts and throwing out a 4th. The boat grant team of Calvin Lamosse, Emma Hawko and Charlie Morris was a strong second, with 2 firsts and throwing out a 7th. Bob Shapiro sailing with Eddie Wolfe and Jim Lerner was in third place with 2 firsts and throwing out a 10th.
In a bit of a surprise, Mark Gardner also sailed. 🙂
2022 New England District Champs


June 25-26


Lake Massabesic, Auburn, NH

1. Ted Hardenbergh
2. Kevin Gallagher
3. Eli Matson


2022 Squam Lake One Day

  1. Brian Hayes, Jr.
  2. Bob Shapiro
  3. Ted Hardenbergh

August 20

Squam Lake, Holderness, NH

2022 Bow Lake Ed Hinds Memorial /
District WJM Champs

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bob_and_margo/albums/72177720302048130

  1. Bob Shapiro
  2. Rob Dresser
  3. Greg McGinnis

Sept 10

Bow Lake, Strafford, NH

2022 North American Champs

Sept 14-18

Sayville Yacht Club, Blue Point, NY

2022 Lake Massabesic

  1. Bob Shapiro
  2. Ted Hardenbergh
  3. Eli Matson
Lake Massabesic Lightning regatta for 2022 had low attendance, partially because a bunch of New England boats were at the North American Championships instead. But 5 boats showed up Saturday for 1-4 mph breezes with shifts ranging over 120 degrees over the course of the day. And 6 boats came Sunday for stronger winds, that were still shifty. And in the last couple races, huge gusts as well.
Bright sunshine and 39 degree tempos started Saturday, and it stayed cool enough that the always on life jackets mandate wasn’t a problem – the life jacket helps keep you warm. Sunday was in the 80’s and sunny for most of the day.
Ted Hardenbergh, sailing with brother Mark and Aran Nathanson, won the day on Saturday with a line of 2,1,1,3 on the day. Bob Shapiro on Three Bean Salad with Jim Lerner and Ryan Gershuny was just 2 points behind with a 3,2,2,2. And Eli Matson with son Shamus and boat owner Jim Breen just another 2 points back with a 1,3,3,4.
David Hale won the fourth race Saturday! Lots of smiles for crew Mitch Hale and Brandon Manning. John Messler sailing Ned’s Nemesis, had Joe Ray and John Wilkenson on board.
Ted’s brothers Mark and the other one (sorry names are such fleeting thoughts) gave him a wild party Saturday night to celebrate his birthday (Thanks Guys!)
Sunday was warmer, windier and gustier. And Raoul Posmentier came down from Squam Lake to race with Rob Donle on board. Missed the first race (not ready yet I guess), finished the next race in 5th and then capsized in the third race. Turtled and stayed down for a few hours while the crash boats tried to help.
Meanwhile Ted won the first race of the day with Bob second and Eli third. But then Bob and team reeled off a string of comebacks to take the last three races, tie Ted with an identical result of 1,1,1,2,2,2,2,3 and win the tiebreaker for beating Ted in the last race. Eli and team ended up third overall, but Shamus clearly won the riding-the-OneBall-in-the-parking-lot competition. Including grabbing a bagel while streaking by the food table on the OneBall.
Race Committee and crash boats did a great job getting in 8 races and taking care of the flipped boat, including one crash boater (sorry didn’t get her name) diving in to the water to help. Please come to this regatta next year – it’s always exciting and always fun!

Sept 17-18

Lake Massabesic, Auburn, NH

2022 MBBC Leaf Peeper


October 1-2

MBBC, Burlington, VT

2022 District Circuit Championship


Bob Shapiro, as usual!



2021 Schedule and Results

2021 District Circuit Championship FINAL RESULTS (high point):
1. Bob Shapiro 72 points (6 regattas)
2. Rob Donle 52 (5)
3. Nathan Cunningham 52 (4)
4. Don Brush 45 (3)
5. Bill Fastiggi 44 (3)
6. Rob Dresser 43 (4)
7. Art Cunningham 37 (3)
8. Ted Hardenbergh 37 (3)
9. Justin Coplan 35 (2)
10. Dan Egan 32 (2 regattas)

  Dates Location
MBBC Spring Regatta
1. Bill Fastiggi
2. Don Brush
3. Bretton Gardner
5 June MBBC, VT
New England District Championships
Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bob_and_margo/albums/72157719469150654


1. Justin Coplan, Andrea Fisher, Emmet Todd
2. Don Brush, Patti Fisher, Emma Hawko
3. Bill Fastiggi, Suzy Coburn, Emaline Ouellette

26-27 June Squam Lake, Holderness, NH
Newfound Lake Around the Lake Race
1. Bob Shapiro, Brad Winslow
2. Garr Corcoran, Clair Gormley, Andrew Veilleux
3. Nathaniel Hendrickson, Sawyer
July 24 Newfound Lake, Hebron, NH
Squam Lake One Day
1. Dan Egan, Marty Riehs, Nate Olson
2. Art Cunningham, David Hallagan, Jeanine Carlson
3. Rob Donle, Ned Hinds, Jeff Choate
Saturday 21 August Squam Lake, Holderness, NH
Bow Lake Ed Hinds Memorial
Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bob_and_margo/albums/72157719844717559


1. Bob Shapiro, Greg Shapiro, Jim Lerner
2. Ted Hardenbergh, John Kerwin, David Hale
3. Art Cunningham, Sandra Czibik, Nathan Cunningham

New England District Masters Champs
1. Bob Shapiro, Greg Shapiro, Jim Lerner
2. Ted Hardenbergh, John Kerwin, David Hale
3. Ned Hinds, Guillaume Joffrees, Devon Smith

Saturday 11 September Bow Lake, Strafford, NH
Lake Massabesic
1. Bob Shapiro, Tim Bartos, Ryan Gershuny
2. Ted Hardenbergh, Raoul Posmentier, John Kerwin
3. Nathan Cunningham, Greg McGinnis, Jules/Nate Olsen
18-19 September Lake Massabesic, Auburn, NH
MBBC Leaf Peeper   https://mbbc-vt.org/2021Race/Data/blwEBDC.htm
1. Justin Coplan, Andrea Fisher, Tate Colbert
2. Don Brush, Eric Johnson, Brandon Hawko
3. Bill Fastiggi, Suzy Coburn, Lauren Jones Colbert
9-10 October MBBC, VT