Training Sessions!

The Lake Massabesic Lightning fleet in Auburn, NH is holding a series of sessions on Wednesday evenings starting May 2022 to help people get more familiar with Lightnings and Lightning racing. They have a number of new fleet members and this is geared towards helping them get up to speed. Sessions will be both on water and on land.
If anyone wants to join, contact Ted and he can help get you involved.

Hello NELD members!

Please see the attached minutes from the 2022 NE Lightning District winter meeting held on Monday 2/28/22. There were some great discussions during the meeting about increasing local participation at each of our Fleets, so please read the minutes to see what was discussed and get involved. A vote was passed to continue using Slack for the 2022 season, so please join the Slack group (use link below) to stay the most up to date with the Fleets and each other. The 2022 schedule was accepted during the meeting.  

We hope to see everyone at the upcoming spring regatta at MBBC June 4-5 and then at the 2022 District championship regatta hosted by Massabesic Fleet 273 on June 25-26 in Auburn, NH.  District WJM Championships are at Bow Lake in September; please note the changes to eligibility requirements – lots more people can now qualify as Juniors, as Women and as Masters.

Winter Meeting Minutes


2022 New England District Approved Schedule

2022 International Masters

May 12-16

Wrightsville Beach, NC

2022 Worlds

May 16-21

Wrightsville Beach, NC

2022 MBBC Spring regatta

June 4-5

Burlington, Vermont

2022 New England District Champs

June 25-26

Lake Massabesic, Auburn, NH

2022 ACCs (Atlantic Coast Champs)

July 15-17

Metedeconk River, NJ

2022 North American WJM Champs

August 4-7

Cedar Point, Westport, CT

2022 Squam Lake One Day

August 20

Squam Lake, Holderness, NH

2022 Bow Lake Ed Hinds Memorial /
District WJM Champs

Sept 10

Bow Lake, Strafford, NH

2022 North American Champs

Sept 14-18

Sayville Yacht Club, Blue Point, NY

2022 Lake Massabesic

Sept 17-18

Lake Massabesic, Auburn, NH

2022 MBBC Leaf Peeper

October 1-2

MBBC, Burlington, VT

2022 District Circuit Championship


To be awarded at Leaf Peeper


Please join our Slack workspace for all primary communication!

Google Group:



New England Lightning District Website:

ILCA Website:

Secretary: Nathan Cunningham, Lightning MacQueen #14360

Commodore: Bob Shapiro, Three Bean Salad #15617,


The New England Lightning District has active fleets sailing on:

  • Mallettts Bay, Vermont
  • Squam Lake, New Hampshire
  • Bow Lake, New Hampshire
  • Lake Massabesic, New Hampshire

For more information, please contact District Commodore Bob Shapiro at 978-761-3289 or email him at


2021 Schedule and Results

2021 District Circuit Championship FINAL RESULTS (high point):
1. Bob Shapiro 72 points (6 regattas)
2. Rob Donle 52 (5)
3. Nathan Cunningham 52 (4)
4. Don Brush 45 (3)
5. Bill Fastiggi 44 (3)
6. Rob Dresser 43 (4)
7. Art Cunningham 37 (3)
8. Ted Hardenbergh 37 (3)
9. Justin Coplan 35 (2)
10. Dan Egan 32 (2 regattas)

  Dates Location
MBBC Spring Regatta
1. Bill Fastiggi
2. Don Brush
3. Bretton Gardner
5 June MBBC, VT
New England District Championships


1. Justin Coplan, Andrea Fisher, Emmet Todd
2. Don Brush, Patti Fisher, Emma Hawko
3. Bill Fastiggi, Suzy Coburn, Emaline Ouellette

26-27 June Squam Lake, Holderness, NH
Newfound Lake Around the Lake Race
1. Bob Shapiro, Brad Winslow
2. Garr Corcoran, Clair Gormley, Andrew Veilleux
3. Nathaniel Hendrickson, Sawyer
July 24 Newfound Lake, Hebron, NH
Squam Lake One Day
1. Dan Egan, Marty Riehs, Nate Olson
2. Art Cunningham, David Hallagan, Jeanine Carlson
3. Rob Donle, Ned Hinds, Jeff Choate
Saturday 21 August Squam Lake, Holderness, NH
Bow Lake Ed Hinds Memorial


1. Bob Shapiro, Greg Shapiro, Jim Lerner
2. Ted Hardenbergh, John Kerwin, David Hale
3. Art Cunningham, Sandra Czibik, Nathan Cunningham

New England District Masters Champs
1. Bob Shapiro, Greg Shapiro, Jim Lerner
2. Ted Hardenbergh, John Kerwin, David Hale
3. Ned Hinds, Guillaume Joffrees, Devon Smith

Saturday 11 September Bow Lake, Strafford, NH
Lake Massabesic
1. Bob Shapiro, Tim Bartos, Ryan Gershuny
2. Ted Hardenbergh, Raoul Posmentier, John Kerwin
3. Nathan Cunningham, Greg McGinnis, Jules/Nate Olsen
18-19 September Lake Massabesic, Auburn, NH
MBBC Leaf Peeper
1. Justin Coplan, Andrea Fisher, Tate Colbert
2. Don Brush, Eric Johnson, Brandon Hawko
3. Bill Fastiggi, Suzy Coburn, Lauren Jones Colbert
9-10 October MBBC, VT